Who We Are

Our business grew out of JMA Wastewater Services, Inc., founded in 2003, serving corporate and individual property owners, as well as home developers.

Our services are always mindful of efficiency, maximum preservation of the ecological balance, and minimal impact on esthetics.

Beyond septic tank installation, we also perform general excavation, consisting of site preparation, lot clearing, grade cuts and propane tank excavations.

Licensed by TCEQ in:

  • OS2 Level installer,  Certified to install any type of septic system
  • RS (Registered Sanitarian),  Certified to design a septic system
  • SE (Sight Evaluator), Certified to perform site and soil analysis in any location.

Safety and the ecology

Safety and preservation of our environment are our first priority.

Our aerobic septic systems treat the wastewater in the tank, making it safe for the land and wildlife, distributing it on the terrain as an additional source of water for plant maintenance and growth.  Learn more on Safety & Ecology.

Builders and Developers

A quality septic system – correctly sized and put in place by a quality licensed installer – will set your development apart, making it easier for you to to sell your units, even in a tight market.

The value of word-of-mouth advertising has long been known as a developer’s greatest asset. Make your buyers your best supporters in future sales. Learn more on our Builders & Developers page.

Our offices are in Dripping Springs, Hays County, and this is where we live. We know the area, care about it, and want to preserve the environment.

Contact Benchmark Wastewater today to discuss your septic system needs.