Job 1

Our most challenging job, they said it couldn’t be done. It involved a pier and beam lake house on Canyon Lake with a 25% slope. It involved easement issues associated with neighboring property, preservation of the native land, severe slope of the terrain, and a solid-rock excavation.

  1. 300-gal. lift station installed below the 500 gpd AquaSafe aerobic septic system.
  2. The lift station pumps the waste water uphill to the treatment unit.
  3. Raised planter box between the lift station and the aerobic septic system provides esthetic erosion control.
  4. Hand-staked quarry-cut limestone retaining wall built around the septic tank. The wall is lined with geo-textile fabric to minimize run-off and maximize soil retention. The tank is set into the hillside. The wall was constructed to retain the soil around the tank and prevent any erosion around the tank.
  5. The completed job