Safety & Ecology

Since safety and preservation of the environment are our first priority, we are quick to recommend improvements in septic system type and sizing, as well as installation location.

Soil class, topography as well as local regulations will determine which septic system can be installed on a specific site. We install all types of septic systems and can advise our clients which will best meet their needs.

Whether installing an aerobic or anaerobic septic system, we follow the standards specified by the Local Permitting Authority  and The State. Safely treating the wastewater is not impossible; it simply requires the right equipment, installation, and treatment.

Our aerobic septic systems treat the wastewater in the tank to 98% reclamation standards. Thus making it safe for the land and wildlife. Then distributing it on the terrain as an additional source of water for plant maintenance and growth.

Restoring controlled vegetation to the ground is essential for good land management and conservation.

Correct and timely maintenance of your system is the key to low-cost ownership.

To assure continued and trouble-free service, please contact our associate company, JMA Wastewater Services, Inc. to start a regular cycle of inspections.


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